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Aren’t we all looking forward to earning some extra money?

But the question is,

“Is it even possible to earn money through blogging?”

Definitely YES!

However, you need to attract a huge number of monthly visitors towards your blog in order to start earning a decent sum of money.

But once you start getting a huge amount of traffic towards your blog, you’ll be amazed to witness the sum of money that gets credited to your bank account.

It won’t happen overnight.

You’ll need to invest a huge amount of your time to building your own blog.

There’s no shortcut…PERIOD.

So, once you have your audience, it’s now time to make money from your blog.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the top ways you can monetize your blog in order to start receiving that “Your account was credited by XXXX$” text on your smartphones.

Well, then!

Let’s dive in straight away.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning if you make a purchase through my link, I may earn a small commission, without any extra cost to you. It helps to keep this little blog afloat. Thank you for your support.

9 Best Ways To Make 1000$+ BloggingTop 9 Ways to Make Money from a Blog

Listed below are the tactics that we’ll be taking a look at:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Advertisements
  3. Sell E-Books
  4. Sponsored Posts
  5. Sell Online Course
  6. Sell Digital Products
  7. Virtual Summit
  8. Sell Your Services
  9. Create Membership Plans

Let’s take a look at each of the monetization techniques one at a time.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to monetize your blog.

The great thing about Affiliate Marketing is that you don’t need a huge amount of traffic to make money with it.

If you are just getting started and don’t have your own products as well as services to sell, then affiliate marketing is a way to go.

I’ve witnessed many bloggers earn a huge sum of money online through affiliate marketing.

The way affiliate marketing works is that you, as an affiliate marketer, promote a product or service of other businesses. And with each sale of the product or the service through your affiliate link, you earn a commission.

All you need to do is to find the right affiliate program that fits for you and start writing helpful blog posts which solve the problems that your audience have.

it’s really important for you to add a “Call To Action” in your blog post in order to make your readers head over to the website and purchase the product or service.

I’d advise you to try out the products or services before you even start promoting them. Promoting the products or services blindly without even trying them might lead to a bad impression on your audience.

Plus, to have a better understanding, you might even want to take a look at the products that the other bloggers in your niche are promoting.

In the end, Adding value to the lives of your readers is what you should keep on your mind.

If you just take a look at some of the top affiliate marketers in the industry, you’d notice that they don’t even focus on the sales.

Instead, they provide value to their readers.

That’s the only way you will be able to earn a decent sum of money by monetizing your blog with affiliate marketing.

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2. Advertisements

Well, adding PPC (Pay Per Click) ads on your blog can turn out to be one of the most effective ways to start earning some money through your blog.

Display Ads are really popular because they work and are really fast.

I’ve seen various bloggers begin with display ads until they can equip other monetization tactics for their blogs.

I understand, when you get your journey started, even a few dollars through advertising will seem worth it.

However, I’d suggest Not To Display ads until you have at least 30,000 page views per month, otherwise, it won’t worth it.

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But once you start getting heaps of traffic, now it’s a great time to put some ads on.

Listed below are the tips that you need to follow while optimizing your blog with ads:

  • Maximize the number of allowed ads per page
  • Insert AdSense Link Units
  • Utilize AdSense’ Custom Links
  • Optimize Your Content With Ad Inserts
  • Utilize Comment Section With Ads
  • Utilize Sponsored Captcha

And that’s not it.

The secret behind a successful advertisement campaign is optimal ad placements.

Ad Inserter, one of the most famous WordPress plugins, will play a major role in optimizing your ad placements.

You’ll even be able to A/B test your ads.

This will help you have a better understanding of which one performs better. Plus, you will even be able to customize where and how your ads appear on your blog.

For instance, while you are reading this guide, if I want to place in an ad after this paragraph, I’ll easily be able to do that without any hesitation.

You don’t need to sell any products or services. Instead, you just need a huge amount of traffic visiting your website in order to turn this tactic into a success.

But if you want to earn a decent income with just ads, you’d need at least 100,000 page views per month.

Otherwise, the income will be negligible.

3. Sell E-Books

Another proven way to make money from your blog is to sell ebooks.

What makes E-Books the perfect fit is that they are low-risk.

Plus, you don’t even need to bring in a huge amount of traffic towards your blog in order to sell your E-Book.

All you need to do is to develop an E-Book which provides solid value to your audience and aligns with your blog niche.

Let’s just assume that your target audience is people or businesses looking forward to growing their Instagram follower-base.

What if you provided them with an E-Book titled,
“Grow Your Instagram Follower-Base From 0 To 10K In 30 Days”?

Wouldn’t they be willing to buy it?

And if it really stands up and adds value to your audience, you’ll definitely be able to earn a profitable sum.

Moreover, selling E-Books isn’t just limited to a particular niche.

You’ll find E-Books on photography, blogging, social media, digital marketing, fitness, or just anything that you might be looking for.

Plus, you can even take into consideration and add the content that you might have already posted on your blog. But make sure that you add in more detail as well as context to make your audience feel that their purchase was worth every penny.

What if you’re not good at writing?

In that case, you can hire a ghostwriter to write an ebook for you. You can find high-quality ghostwriters on freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr etc.

Now the question is where to sell your E-book?

You can sell your E-Book directly from your blog. However, if that doesn’t suit you, you can equip other platforms such as Podia, Amazon Kindle or Gumroad for the purpose.

I’d suggest selling E-Books through your own website. As you don’t have to pay any percentage of the commission fee. In this case, you’ll be subject to a 100% profit.

The WordPress plugin “Easy Digital Downloads” will help you with this.

4. Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post is another great way to make money off your blog.

However, You’ll need to have a huge audience in order to get contacted by companies to write a review for their product or service.

Well, let’s take a look at how the process works.

Let’s assume that you have a blog with a huge number of visitors each day.

In that case, a company might approach you to write about their product on your blog. Or you will be asked to share your opinion.

In return, you will be receiving a certain sum of money, depending on the deal.

In this way, you will be able to make the product reach out to your audience. And that’s what will lead to the brand getting more exposure and new customers.

However, you need to make sure that the feedbacks are totally honest. That’s because if they aren’t, then you’ll lose the trust of your audience.

If you have a higher number of visitors visiting your website, you can reach out to the businesses yourself and offer to write a sponsored post or review.

However, you need to make sure that you are reaching out to the ones within your niche.

For instance, if you are a digital marketing expert, then you should approach businesses that sell digital marketing products or services to the clients.

While creating a sponsored post, you need to mark it as “SPONSORED.”

Make sure that you are careful with it.

Be upfront with the readership.

Google cares acutely about the sponsored links. And you will simply be penalized if it detects you selling links. That’s not it. The site that you are currently linking to will be penalized as well.

I’d say that it’s not worth it if you aren’t careful.

Hence, I’d ask you to be transparent.

5. Sell Online Courses

Want to make a profit from blogging?

Develop intuitive as well as helpful courses for your audience.

Put your heart as well as soul in developing such online courses.

Once you have a value-adding course in your hands, you can sell them on autopilot, which will turn out to be a great passive income stream.

Listed below are the most trending topics:

  • Web Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Finances
  • Stock Market
  • Accounting
  • Graphic Designing

But wait!

Don’t I need to be a certified expert in order to create an online course?

That’s what you might be confused with, right?

NO, You don’t need to be a certified expert…PERIOD.

If you are good at cooking, you can create a course on “How to be a better cook”.

However, you need to make sure that it’s value-adding and presentable.

Well, aren’t you sure about what topics you should cover?

Listed below are the steps that will help you have a better idea:

  • Conduct A Survey
  • Read Blog Comments
  • Connect with your customers

Now, How and Where to host your course?

Thankfully there are WordPress plugins available, so that you can host your course on WordPress without writing any code.

Listed below are some popular WordPress LMS plugins to host your courses.

  1. Learndash (Starting at $159/year)
  2. LifterLMS (Starting at $99+ per year)
  3. WP Courseware (Starting at $129 per 2 sites)
  4. Teachable (starting at $29/Month)
  5. Sensei (Get started for free)
  6. Learnpress (Price ranges from $0 to $249.99)

And Here are some great third-party platforms to host your course:

  1. Kajabi (Starting at $119/Month)
  2. Podia (Starting at $39 per month)
  3. Thinkific (Starting at $49 per month)
  4. Learnworlds (Starting at $24/month)

6. Sell Digital Products

Well, one of the most effective ways to earn money via your blog is by creating digital products.

As long as it matches your blog niche, you can sell any digital product that you want to.

Digital products can be anything similar to downloadable guides, videos, PDFs, resources, software components, or just anything that helps your audience out.

All I ask you to do is to give it your best.

Create something that’s outstanding.

Don’t doubt yourself.

Here’s a great example of how to sell your digital products online. Adam Enfroy, a successful blogger, offers downloadable resources through which he delivers his templates and other recommended tools which people can use to replicate the results that he has achieved.


You can do the same.

Once you create a spectacular digital product, you will be amazed to take a look at how much you’ll be earning each month.

If you aren’t good at it, you may even hire an expert.

For example, if you aren’t good with coding, hire a developer.

If you aren’t good at creating videos, hire a video developer. However, make sure that you’re asking them to apply your concepts. Let them know what you are looking for.

Build a webinar in order to market your products and deliver them directly through deliverable means or member’s area.

7. Virtual Summit

If you keep yourself updated about the latest trends, then you might have probably heard how effective launching a virtual summit really is.

You might have even attended one.

Well, first of all, you should keep in mind that virtual summits and webinars aren’t the same. They are totally different.

When it comes to virtual summit, you’ll find them to be interactive as well as engaging.

Those are the conferences that you can attend online along with a host, multiple speakers as well as Q&A sessions.

They’ll be covering a different topic each time.

Plus, they are simply free to attend.

However, you can only access a virtual summit for a limited period of time.

How organizers make money is by simply selling “an all-access pass.”

This pass will let the attendees take a look at the conference material whenever they feel like it.

Plus, the hosts even earn money by selling various products such as courses or membership plans.

They exist for almost any niche.

If you already have few people visiting your blog, then you can simply partner with some influencers in your niche and create your own virtual summit.

Isn’t that cool?

You may use a tool such as Buzzsumo to get in touch with an influencer in your niche.

Head over to the Buzzsumo landing page. Type in a keyword related to your niche.

Head over to the influencers tab.

Well, that’s where you can filter them, depending on your requirements.

8. Sell Your Services

How do you earn money after you have successfully managed to showcase yourself as an expert?

Well, you help the people that are looking forward to doing the same.

Or you can simply offer your services as a life coach, business development coach, career coach, or anything that you hold expertise in.

If you are a digital marketing expert, you can simply start offering personal digital marketing coaching services.

You need to decide on the package and promote your services on your blog.

That’s how you will be able to make it large.

However, you need to make sure that the user experience is top-notch.

Don’t make it too complicated or else people will simply bounce off.

9. Create a Membership Site

Netflix! Amazon Prime! Spotify!

Notice the pattern. The businesses with paid subscription models are booming.

Various people all across the world have claimed this era to be the “Subscription Era.”

And that’s exactly what you need to offer.

What if you promised your audience with exclusive advice, articles, reports, in-person meetups as well as various other perks upon subscribing your membership plan.

If you have an audience that looks up to you, they’d love buying it.

Not only is it an effective tactic to reach out to your audience, but it’ll be leading to everyone feeling that they are a part of a community.

You can create a membership website for literally anything.

The best thing is that you don’t need a huge amount of traffic visiting your website.

You can name the plans and price them depending on what you are willing to offer.

However, you need to make sure that your audience is dedicated and have a long-term healthy relationship with you.

Also, make sure that these plans will add value to their lives.

You can even begin by offering the “First-Month Free” trial to your audience.

Once you do that, you can easily see yourself earning big bucks with only a few members opting for your membership plans.

Here are a few WordPress plugins, which will help you create a WordPress membership site

  1. Teachable
  2. Memberpress
  3. Learndash
  4. Restrict Content Pro


Well, here’s the hard truth: Blogging won’t earn you money.

Instead, it’s the products as well as services that you’ll be promoting on your blog that you will be earning money from.

If you are just getting started, you’ll struggle a lot.

In some cases, you might see yourself stuck in a single place for too long.

But in the end, it’s the hardest of times where we learn the most.

Choose your niche.
Start adding value to the lives of your audience. Build a healthy relationship with your audience
Be consistent
Monetize your blog

And that’s how you succeed. That’s how you build yourself an effective passive income stream.

Haven’t monetized your blog yet?

Do it TODAY!

That’s all from me!

If you found this post helpful, please share it with others.

Happy blogging!

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