Hey! So, you finally decided to start a blog! Awesome!

But, now you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the information around. You’re not sure which tools or services to use in order to grow your blog and make money from it.

There are thousands of options available in the market. And you’re confused about which one to choose?

Well, Don’t worry. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you no BS best blogging tools and resources which I personally use to successfully run and grow this blog!

Now, let me be honest with you, I’m an affiliate with many of these tools which I’ve mentioned below. But relax, I’m not here to sell you anything! I would never recommend any tools or resources to you, which I personally don’t use or believe in.

If you find this resource library helpful, leave me an uplifting comment. I’d be happy to read them. If you decide to make purchases through my affiliate links, I’d really appreciate that. That will help me to create more helpful content like this for beginner bloggers.

Now, that’s enough chit chat.

Let’s dive straight into the good stuff!

50+ Best Tools And Resources For Beginners In 2020

Best Webhosting Service


I’ve been using this Webhosting service since the day I started this blog. I believe that Bluehost is the best Webhosting service for beginner bloggers. It’s cheap and affordable. They have the best customer support service, available 24*7.

The best thing is that they give you a FREE SSL certificate (Essential for secure connection) and a FREE Domain name for the first year. They are also No. 1 WebHost recommended by WordPress itself.

If you want to sign up for Bluehost, click here. (Affiliate link)

If you want to learn how to start a blog step by step, check out this detailed guide.

Best Email Marketing and Lead Generation Tools


I use this all in one email marketing tool to stay connected with my email subscribers.

This Powerpack tool not only allows you to do email marketing but it also allows you to create beautiful landing pages, conduct webinars and much much more.

I personally use GetResponse’s in-built landing page builder and its awesome! it helps me create beautiful, eye-catching landing pages with simple drag and drop editor.

It is a perfect tool for beginner bloggers jammed with all the required features.

Try GetResponse 30 day FREE Trial and test it by yourself.

Now, if you’re completely new to email marketing and want to build your email list from scratch, don’t forget to check out my free guide.

Thrive leads

This is an amazing lead generation tool for WordPress users. It can help you build an email list by allowing you to create and design 9 different types of opt-in forms using simple drag and drop editor.

Having multiple opt-in forms can help you build your email list fast.

It also allows you to A/B test your opt-in forms so that you can improve your conversion rate. You can also track how many impressions (number of people who saw your opt-in) you’ve got and how many of them actually subscribed to your list. That way you can decide if your audience likes your freebie or not.

It is surprisingly cheap compared to other lead generation tools available in the market. So, if you’re looking to build an email list, Thrive leads can prove beneficial for you!

Best Legal Pages Templates

Legal Bundle

This is the best legal page templates available in the market at an affordable price. You may not be aware of this but you are required to have legal pages on your blog by law.

When I started my blog I used free templates available online but soon I realized that they were too general and not detailed enough to save me from the legal issues that may arise in the future.

Luckily, I come across this awesome legal bundle which includes all the mandatory legal pages that you need on your blog. They are drafted by a professional lawyer, so you don’t need to worry about legality issues anymore.

They are pretty easy to set up. It took me less than 30 minutes to set all of them up. Now, I’m not worried about the legal side of my blog anymore because I know if something goes wrong in the future, I’m covered.

If you haven’t already set up your legal pages yet, do it now! It’s absolutely important!

Best Theme And Page Builder


I’ve been using this theme on my blog currently. It’s free, clean and lightweight. And It’s one of the best free themes available for WordPress users. If you’re a beginner and looking for a free professional looking theme, Astra is the way to go!


This is the best drag and drop page builder for WordPress users. If you want to build a custom website or a page, Elementor is the best option for you!

It’s completely free. The basic version is more than enough for most beginner bloggers. However, if you need advanced features and customizability, they have a PRO version available as well.

Best FREE Keyword Research Tools

Listed below are the tools that I use and recommend to find low competition, long-tail keywords that I can rank for.

Keep in mind that these all are Free tools and hence they are very limited.  You might need to get a premium tool such as SEMRush or Ahrefs later down the road if you want to level up your game.

Best Courses For Beginner Bloggers

I’ve invested a lot of money in taking courses offered by successful bloggers and entrepreneurs. Some of them were mind-blowing and fully packed with helpful information while some of them were not up to the mark and overpriced.

I don’t want you to spend a ton of money looking for the best courses.  That’s why I only recommend the courses that worked for me and I got the results from. Listed below are the courses which I took and found super helpful.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche by Create and Go

This is one of the best courses that I’ve taken so far. Alex and Lauren have put together this amazing resource which can help you drive massive traffic to your blog from Pinterest. If you’re totally new to Pinterest and have no solid Pinterest strategy in place, you must check out this course!

PTA has been a game-changer for many people including me. If you want, you can check out the testimonials here. They regularly update the course to keep up with Pinterest algorithm changes so you can update your pinning strategy accordingly.

They also have an amazing, super helpful Facebook group that you get access to once you get enrolled in the course.

Pinterest Launch Plan by Jennifer Maker

This is an awesome ebook, full of great tips and tricks, put together by Jennifer Maker. In this ebook, she reveals the exact strategies that she used to take her brand new blog from 0 to 773 sessions/Day within just one month. She has also included video tutorials that can help you learn how to set up personal boards, how to keyword them and how to use a scheduler to automate the pinning process.

This 27$ ebook is totally worth it and can beat many overpriced Pinterest courses out there.

No BS Blogging Bootcamp by Faith Mariah

This is another awesome course for bloggers at a very affordable price. If you’ve already set up your blog but don’t know how to drive traffic, how to build an email list and how to monetize it. Well, don’t worry. In this course, Faith reveals how did she go from knowing nothing to earning a full-time income within the first 9 months of blogging!

This is one of my favourite courses without a doubt!

But wait, this is not the best course to go for if you want to learn how to set up your blog or any other tech stuff.

Best Blogging Tools and Resources For Beginners


Tailwind is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to schedule your pins and posts for Pinterest and Instagram. I mainly use it to schedule my pins for Pinterest.

Tailwind can help you save a lot of time by allowing you to schedule pins well in advance. That way you don’t get stuck in manual pinning and can focus on more important tasks.

More than its pin scheduling ability, I love using Tailwind Tribes. Tailwind tribes are a group of people, usually content creators, who help each other grow by sharing each other’s content.

Tailwind tribes can be a great tool, especially in the beginning, as it helps you to present your content in front of other creators who are willing to share your content.

If you’re interested in using tailwind, signup for a free trial using my affiliate link.

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Canva is a free graphic design tool that can help you design awesome graphics for your blog. I design all my featured images and pins using Canva. You can also create your opt-ins and freebie using free templates available on Canva. You don’t need to be an expert at graphic design to use Canva.

3)Social Warfare

This is the best FREE social sharing plugin that I use to create social share buttons on my website.  You must install this plugin on your blog as it encourages users to share your content on social media.

4)WP Tasty

This awesome plugin allows you to add Pinterest pin title and pin description directly from your blog. So, if someone clicks on the image to save it to Pinterest, it shows the pin title and description of your choice. You can also hide images on your blog using this plugin.

5)WP Rocket

This is the best caching plugin out there in the market! Trust me!

Caching can make a huge difference to your site speed. Before using the WP rocket, I used and recommended WP Fastest cache which is a free caching plugin.

However, moving to WP Rocket was the best decision. It skyrocketed my website speed, its unbelievable.

I highly recommend this tool to each and every one.

6) ShortPixel

large-sized Images can really hurt your website site speed and eventually your SEO. That is why image optimization is very important. I use a free WordPress plugin called ShortPixel to optimize all the images before uploading it to my blog.

It also allows you to bulk optimize the images that you’ve already uploaded to your blog.

If you want to find more plugins like this, check out my list of 12 Best WordPress Plugins you must have


This is another awesome image compression tool that allows you to compress images and reduce image file size. It’s completely free and works wonders for me.


This is an amazing WordPress plugin that allows you to backup all your files automatically. It keeps back up of all your posts, plugins and media files. So, if something goes wrong and you lose all your data, you don’t need to start from scratch again.

Believe me, you can’t afford to lose all your hard work due to some stupid mistake. That’s why it is so important to set up scheduled backup.

Ohh, did I mention this is totally free? Yes! There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using it!


Copyscape is an online plagiarism checker widely used by bloggers and content creators around the world. Even though you write the content by yourself, there’s no harm to check plagiarism before uploading it on the internet. This tool is very accurate and can save you from any trouble that may arise from copying someone else’s work.


If you’re someone like me who likes to read or listen to books related to blogging or books in general, this is a fantastic resource for you. Scribd is a platform where you can download unlimited books or audiobooks for only $8.99/month. That’s amazing! It’s really cheap compared to something like Audible. And Unlimited books sounds awesome to me!  Definitely worth mentioning in this list.


This is another helpful tool commonly used by bloggers around the world. I don’t think I need to explain what Grammarly is. It’s really helpful for someone like me who is not a native English speaker. Even if you’re a native English speaker this tool can help you find out some grammatical errors that you may have made unknowingly.


If you’re someone like me who often forget their own mobile number, remembering passwords can be stressful. That’s why I use Lastpass, where I store all my passwords. So, I don’t need to remember each of them.

My Favourite Blogging Podcast, Youtube Channel and Book 

Let me make this very clear, I’m not an affiliate with any of these resources mentioned below. I wholeheartedly love these people and their work. I believe if I’m learning something from them, I should definitely share it with you all.

1)Income School – YouTube Channel

I love watching blogging tips videos from Jim and Ricky from income school. They both run a network of niche sites and they are very open about their earnings from all of their sites. They also share their strategies on getting organic google traffic and tips related to blogging. If you’re a new blogger who wants some valuable tips for free, you must check out their YouTube channel.

2)Blogging Breakthrough’s Podcast by Faith Mariah

Ohh! This lady is a rockstar! I just enjoy listening to her. Like Jim and Ricky, she’s also very open about her strategies and loyal to her audience.

She talks about email list building, content creation and blogging tips on her podcast.

If you’re feeling stuck at blogging and want someone to guide you, this is the place you need to go!

3)Work Energy by Jim Harmer from Income School

This is my favourite book on blogging. More than blogging, it’s about how to finish the work that you’ve started. It’s not the best book to find blogging tips but it’s surely a motivational story of Jim Harmer from Income School. In the book, he mentions how he built his blogging business, the struggles that he faced and how he used his work energy in his favour to accomplish some impossible goals.

Best Free Stock Photo Sites

Images are very powerful and they can help you make your blog look professional and attractive. That’s why I’ve put together a resource of 27 Free Stock Photo websites where you can find eye-catching royalty-free stock images.

Don’t forget to check it out!

Best Platforms to Hire Freelancers

If you’re looking to get help to design your logo, designing your website or hiring a freelance writer, here are my favourite freelancing platforms that you need to check out:

  1. Upwork
  2. Fiverr

Helpful Resources For New Bloggers

  1. The Ultimate Step By Step Guide On How To Start A Blog With No Experience
  2. 9 Amazing Ways to Make Money From Your Blog
  3. 11 Simple Ways To Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog
  4. Your Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing – How To Build Your Email List From Scratch
  5. How To Grow Your Email List Fast
  6. Top 20 High Ticket Affiliate Programs You Must Join
  7. What Legal Pages Do You Need On Your Blog And How To Create Them
  8. Your Ultimate Guide To WordPress Image Optimization
  9. 13 Super Helpful SEO Tips To Explode Your Blog Traffic
  10. 9 Best Landing Page Builders For New Bloggers
  11. 11 Tips To Create High Converting Landing Page
  12. 6 Hidden Cost You Need To Know Before Starting A Blog

There you go! I hope these tools will help you grow your blog and help you become massively successful.

If you find this helpful, please share it with other bloggers!

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