One of the most common sayings we use is -“A picture is worth a thousand words”.  This is true in every sense.

A Beautiful stock image perfectly captures the essence of any blog post and always catches the reader’s eye.

There are many websites out there which provide beautiful stock photos for free!! And In this post, I will talk about 27 best free stock photo sites which I think everyone must checkout.

Things to keep in mind while using Stock Images

While using images for your blog or any business-related activity, it is vital to use only those images that are copyright-free or have a creative commons license. This means that these pictures can be freely used in any article or document and can be modified or distributed without asking for permission.

Some images, however, may not provide these claims. Be very careful about how you must proceed in these cases. If misdeed with, it could have many repercussions.

Now with that out of the way, let’s dive into my list of the best free stock photo sites.


Unsplash goes by the tagline – Photos for everyone”. True to its tagline, it offers a variety of splendid, high-resolution resolution pictures that can be used to serve all kinds of purposes. They are all about the quality of the pictures and feature only the top ones on their homepage.

They have an interesting feature that gives ten “do whatever you want photos” once in every ten days. Each of their beautifully unique images is licensed under creative commons zero, which means that these pictures are free to be modified and distributed.


Pixabay has over 1.7 million high-quality stock images, videos, art illustrations, and vectors. It is quite a business and marketing-oriented site, that helps provide content to bloggers and marketers. All the images are released under the Creative Commons CC0 license.

This stunning site is growing very fast and has a great online reputation. It has options to filter searches by color, orientation, and minimum dimensions. It is also very easy to use and allows its users to go through over 780k images with ease.


Flickr is an image and video hosting site that provides over 3.5 million new images every day. It has been owned by SmugMug since 2018. This site, unlike Pixabay, is more oriented towards photography rather than a business. All the features, users and the entire community is highly focused on photography.  All the images on this site are licensed under the Creative Commons license, which allows their free usage on blogs and other websites without permission.


Pexels is a very popular stock photo site that every photographic enthusiast must visit. It contains a variety of beautiful photos that are taken from free image sources. It is easy to navigate through and has a  Discover page with an assortment of images.

All the photos under this site are licensed under CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) license. That implies that they are available for commercial as well as personal use with no permissions required.


Getrefe provides a wide range of royalty-free, high-quality, natural-looking photos of people interacting with technology in real life. This is extremely essential for individuals and organizations that are dealing with technology-related projects. Having such photos on landing pages of websites has proven to increase usage, sales, and conversions.

Based on this theme, this site provides quite a collection of beautiful and high-resolution pictures that can be used to enhance any project or website. All their photos are not for free. They offer two paid packages, one for $10 per pack and the other for $5 per photo.

6.Styled Stock

Styled Stock is one of the most unique stock photo sites out there! It provides free stock photos that have a particular feminine flair over it. This is widely used by women entrepreneurs.

Although they do not have a large collection, all the pictures on their site are completely free for commercial and personal use.  Most of these pictures are flat lays or desktop shots with a modern and unique concept. What people love about this site is that all the photos they have are very simple yet elegant.


Burst is a stock photo site that was developed by the e-commerce platform Shopify. It provides royalty-free stock photos that are generally used in the commercial field of work, mostly by entrepreneurs.

They have a large collection of high-resolution pictures that are categorized by trending topics. This makes it easier for users to navigate through and find the perfect pictures. Some of their pictures are licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 license, which makes it easy for commercial use. The others have a custom license, which is pretty similar to Creative Commons CC0, but it has one constraining clause when it comes to resale of images.


Gratisography provides the world’s quirkiest collection of high-resolution and free photos. It contains a wide range of creative images that are free to download without any copyright restrictions. It offers over 500 unique images for free commercial and personal use.

This site appeals more to the younger generation and contains a variety of photos that would look great in an Instagram post. New photos are added every week. All the splendid photos on this site are captured by Ryan McGuire of Bells Design.


This is the perfect site for people who love food! FoodiesFeed contains over 1500 high-quality pictures of food that is sure to make anyone drool. Food bloggers and other food enthusiasts thrive off of this site.

All the pictures on this site are captured by Jakub Kapusnak, a popular food photographer. These pictures have been licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 license, making it free for personal and commercial use. offers a variety of beautiful, high-resolution stock photos that are absolutely free. Their photos fulfill a variety of purposes, such as blogging, advertising, and other commercial uses.

Over a  hundred new photos get uploaded every week on this site. It also allows simple search and navigation features which makes it easier for users to go through a wide collection of images.

This site also tracks its searches and downloads so it is not a challenging task to find the most popular photos. They use the Creative Commons CC0 license for all their images.


PikWizard contains a wide assortment of splendid and high-resolution pictures.  These pictures are categorized into popular topics so that it is easy for the user to navigate and choose.

This site is owned by a stock video and photography production company called Wavebreak Media.

Apart from having a library of over a million stock images, they provide an additional image editing tool DesignWizard tool that performs certain basic functions such as overlaying text on images. They have their custom license that does not allow complete commercial usage and has some copyright and resale restrictions.


Kaboompics goes by the saying- “Let’s find the perfect photo for you”, and this is exactly what they do. It contains over 8000 pictures, all of which have a very unique essence.

Karolina Grabowska, who is a web designer from Poland is the talent behind all the pictures. These pictures fall into a wide variety of categories ranging from abstract cities to landscapes to food and fashion.

The aesthetics of these pictures perfectly fit on social media and in fact, they are very popular on many social media platforms. Karolina has licensed her pictures under a custom license that allows free downloads of the pictures, but it cannot be resold.


PicJumbo contains some of the best stock photos that can be freely downloaded for personal and commercial use. It is the perfect place to get free images for your websites and blogs. The mastermind behind these brilliant pictures is a stock photographer, Viktor Hanacek.

It has over 2000 pictures that fall under popular topics such as abstract fashion, nature, technology, and many more. These pictures have been licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 license that allows complete free usage and distribution.

14.Life of Pix

Life of Pix provides a wide collection of high-resolution pictures that can be freely downloaded and distributed. Photographic enthusiasts submit their entries to this site and the best of the lot is featured on their homepage. It is owned by Leeroy Advertising Agency in Montreal, Canada.

The choice of pictures on their site is quite commendable. They allow free personal and commercial usage of their pictures with no copyright restrictions.


Reshot is one of those stock photo sites that are free from tacky photos. It has a unique blend of images that adheres to many popular themes. These pictures are hand-picked and can be freely used as they do not have any copyright restrictions.

They also serve a noble social mission. They provide a platform for emerging photographers to post and share their art with those who need and appreciate it. These photos can be freely used for commercial and non-commercial purposes.


With over 110000 beautiful, high-resolution pictures, Stockvault is one of the fastest-growing stock photo sites. It has pictures that are put into categories such as- Happy people, Travel, Lesuire, and many others. This gives users the power of easy navigation.

They host a variety of free stock photos, wallpapers, and textures. They provide three licenses for all their images- Commercial, Non-Commercial, and Creative Commons CC0. This allows free usage for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. They also allow redistribution.


Rawpixel is a stock photo site that acts very well as your personal creative home. It houses over a thousand authentic and unique pictures that are perfect for bloggers. They also have public domain content like Japanese wood art.

Its visually appealing pictures are perfect for social media sites. Per month, you are only allowed a hundred downloads. It was founded by Robert Churchill and provides a royalty-free photo service. It has a custom license that has certain constraints on the resale of thee images.


Freestocks has a large collection of aesthetic pictures that more so than often fall under a specific theme. It has many themes such as -city, architecture, animals, nature, fashion, people, and many more. It also has certain popular tags such as -autumn, black, blue, etc. that are used by users to find pictures of their needs.

All these images are of high-resolution and are licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 License that allows their free personal and commercial use. It also allows resale and redistribution of these images.


Skitterphoto is the perfect place for photographers who want to see as well as showcase their own talent. It is built and owned by a bunch of enthusiastic photographers. It offers high-quality, fascinating, and aesthetic images on a wide variety of topics.

Photography aspirants can send in their works and depend on the artistic nature and quality of the picture, it will be featured on their site.

All the pictures on this site are licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 License, which allows their free usage for personal and commercial needs.


Albumarium is the best place to find and share beautiful images. This site was put together by the Swiss UI designer Vilem Ries, and it offers high-resolution pictures that can be categorized into different albums such as -Architecture, Culture, Domestic, and many more.

It follows the style period of popular art, and it mostly contains pictures. Its works are licensed under the Creative Common Attribution 2.0 license, which allows the users to share, copy, and redistribute these images in any format and also allows modifications and transformations of these images.

21.Barn Images

Unlike the name, Barn Images does not solely focus on images about barns. It holds a large collection of high-resolution pictures from a wide variety of topics.

It allows free usage for both commercial and non-commercial purposed and can be resold and redistributed without permission. Attribution is not required but it is appreciated.

22.Free Food Photos

Free Food Photos is a site like FoodiesFeed that provides high-quality images based on food. It offers a wide range of photos that are very aesthetic and unique.

These photos are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribute license. It allows commercial use of these images and also allows their modification.


Canva is a site that not only provides stock photos but also allows users to create posters, presentations, and social media graphics. It contains the drag-and-drop features and professional layouts to design stunning graphics consistently.

Users can choose from over a thousand beautiful layouts and make their own visual content. Each of these layouts has been put into its specified category which makes it easier for users to navigate and choose.

Canva allows both free and paid packages. The paid ones have some extra features while the free package just has the basic features.

24.Fancy Crave

Fancy Crave is a stock photo site that holds a beautiful library of high-quality photos that assimilate various topics. It was founded by the commercial photographer Igor Ovsyannykov.

The aesthetics of each picture give it quite a remarkable essence and overall feel. These pictures are slightly more focused on travel photography. They upload two new photos every day to keep their feed popular and lively.

All their photos are licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 license, which allows their free usage for both personal and commercial purposes.

25.Scatter jar

Scatter jar is another stock photo site for food enthusiasts. They offer delicious free food photographs for creatives. The photographs on this site are quite eye-catching and are of extreme high-resolution. It will make a person with a full tummy get hungry again!

All the images on this site are completely free and can be used for commercial and personal projects.

26.IM Free

IM Free has a curated collection of free web design sources that can be used commercially. It not only contains stock images but also holds several templates that help in making these images.

It has a variety of collections that users can choose from. It also has effective and elegant themes. The site additionally comes equipped with a drag and drop feature to help in easy navigation of images and templates.

27.Snapwire Snaps

Snapwire Snaps is the one-stop for all custom made content.  It lets you quickly generate high-quality photos that are cost-effective and on-brand. It contains licensed and commissioned photos from over 200,000 of the world’s most talented photographers.

This is a class apart from other stock photo sites as it helps you create your own authentic content. It also uploads seven photos every seven days to keep its feed fresh.

Now you know the 27 best free stock photo sites out there. So go on and use them to your complete satisfaction.

Make your writings amazing with the Awesome pictures!!

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