When it comes to blogging, writing captivating content is only half of the battle. The other, more important half is getting people to actually read your blog.

Most bloggers struggle with promoting their posts and ensuring it reaches the right audience. Sometimes it feels like all the effort put into spreading the word about their blog is not yielding any results.

There are almost 4.7 billion active internet users, yet so many blogs suffer from not driving enough traffic to their sites.

So, how can you ensure that you get eyeballs to your blog as soon as you hit publish?

how do you make sure that people actually read your blog?  Where do you promote your blog post to get the best ROI on your time?

Don’t worry! In this blog post, I’ll go through the list of the 15 best places to promote your blog to drive massive traffic.

Are you excited? let’s jump right into the good stuff!

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15 Best Places to Promote Your Blog For Free

1) Pinterest 

Pinterest is a great place to begin promoting your blog posts. it’s my go-to platform to promote any of my blog content.

Pinterest has a huge potential to drive loads and loads of traffic to your blog! And I’m not even kidding when I say that it would be foolish to not to promote your blog on Pinterest.

Here’s how I promote my blog posts on Pinterest:

>> Create multiple pins for the same blog post

You don’t need to write hundreds and thousands of blog posts in order to drive traffic from Pinterest. You can create multiple “fresh” pins leading to the same article.

I personally create 7-10 pins per blog post. That allows me to promote the same content over and over again at different intervals.

This ensures that I drive consistent visits to my blog every single day without looking like a spammer.

>> Optimize For SEO

Don’t misjudge Pinterest as another social media platform. It’s much more than that.

It’s a visual search engine. This means users can search for a specific topic by typing the main keyword.

That’s why it’s important to optimize your Pinterest profile for SEO. Make sure that all of your pins, boards and even your profile are keyword optimized.

This will help you to show up higher in the search results and attract consistent traffic to your blog.

>> Join Helpful Group Boards

While Group boards are not as powerful as they used to be a couple of years ago, it’s still a great place to promote your pin and drive traffic.

Now, be careful while joining some random group boards. Don’t join Pinterest group boards for the sack of joining group boards.

Make sure that the group members are active and share each other’s content before joining the group.

Pay attention to your analytics. Find out how your group boards are performing. Keep those which have a higher number of repin rate, leave or archive the ones that are not performing well.

You don’t want to be a part of an inactive group board where no one’s repinning your pin. Because that makes Pinterest think that your stuff is not good and hence it will not show it to other users.

If you’re interested to learn more about Pinterest, Checkout my awesome post on how to drive massive traffic to your blog using Pinterest.

2) Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are one of the top places to promote your blog post to reach a wider audience.

When I started blogging, I relied heavily on Facebook groups to drive traffic to my newborn blog and they are still a big part of my strategy to get eyeballs to my site.

First of all, you need to find and identify the best Facebook groups in your blog niche. Make sure that you’re allowed to promote your own content in the group.

There are many blog promotion Facebook groups where all group members can share links to their own content and helps each other drive traffic to their blog.

Once you find a handful of such groups, engage with the members before you begin promoting your content.

This will help you gain some credibility and trust. Try to be as active as possible. Once you become familiar with the group members you can begin posting links to your site.

You can also create your own Facebook group for existing readers of your blog. They too can help share links to your posts on other group chats they are on.

3) Email Signatures

This may come as a surprise but email signature is one of the less popular yet very effective ways to promote your blog post.

They appear at the end of emails and are not related to the content of the mail and looks like this:

Rather than just sign off with your name, you should sign off with your email signature

An email signature is a great publicity for your blog because it is a subtle type of marketing. Adding a link to your blog or the latest blog post in your signature is a great way to lead people there.

Because it does not seem like an intentional marketing tactic, readers are more likely to return if they enjoy the blog content.

An email signature should be brief and not packed with information. Typically, it should contain a name, a job title, a link to your blog and contact information.

You can include your signature at the end of any mail you send out.

4) Instagram

Bloggers have a love and hate relationship with Instagram. Partially because it doesn’t allow you to post links unless you have more than 10,000 followers.

However, it’s a great place to engage with your audience and build your network.

It can be a great marketing channel for your blog if you use it the right way!

Here’s a great way to do this:

Take screenshots of your blog posts and share them on Instagram. Don’t forget to add a little teaser in the description and add a call to action to read your blog post.

If you have a large following of up to 10,000 on Instagram, you can share your links in Instagram stories.

You can also leave a link to your blog in your bio on your Instagram profile.

Make sure that your audience is on Instagram before diving too deep into it. Because it works better from some niches than others.

Instagram works great for blogs with visual niches such as beauty and travel.

You can also use Instagram ads if you want to reach a wider audience.

5) Twitter

Using Twitter for blog promotions requires that you are very active. Generally, tweets possess a very short life span.

This means you have to share your content on Twitter multiple times, using different hashtags so you can reach a wider range of audiences.

Pro tip: You can promote your blog post by adding 'click to tweet quotes' in your blog posts. It will also help you get more social shares + more traffic. #blogpromotion #bestplacestopromoteyourblogClick To Tweet

Unlike Instagram, Twitter allows you to post links so you can directly link your blog posts for easier access.

6) Tailwind tribes

Tailwind tribe is one of my favourite places to promote my blog post.

It helps to get social shares on your post almost instantly!

If you’re hearing about it for the first time, here’s what it is:

Tailwind is an approved Pinterest and Instagram scheduler. It is a tool that helps you automatically make pins on Pinterest and scheduled posts on Instagram.

This saves you the stress of constantly being at your computer and manually saving pins.

Tailwind tribes is one of the features of Tailwind. Tailwind tribes are groups of people (content creators) who share content about a particular topic (Eg: Health and Fitness, Travelling, Fashion, personal finance etc.).

They help each other grow by sharing each other’s content.

This gives your posts more exposure and allows you to get more eyeballs to your site.

On Tailwind, there is a tribe for almost every niche. Tribes are free and you can join up to 5 tribes before you need to make any payment.

Get Your Free Tailwind Trial By Clicking Here

7) Mix

Mix, formerly known as StumbleUpon, is a platform that allows you to share your content without the need for any social interaction.

Here’s a simple explanation of what is mix and how it works:

When someone signs up, it asks them to pick their interests and later it shows posts related to topics they are interested in on their home feed.

It also allows people to save posts, add posts to their collection and share it with other users. There are also options to like or dislike the page, mark it as a spam

Now, let’s see how can you use it to promote your content and drive traffic to your blog.

Once you set up your profile, begin to share your content. Also, share the content of other users that seems similar or relevant to your niche.

Overtime, Mix will start showing your posts and collections to other users interested in the same topic. If they find your content helpful, they will share it with others and soon it will start a snowball effect.

This will help you create a community of followers that share similar interests.

8) LinkedIn

Depending on your niche, LinkedIn can be a great way to increase blog views.

I always recommend LinkedIn to people who blog about careers, business-related content and the corporate world.

Sharing your blog on LinkedIn can expose you to brands searching for influencers in particular fields.

You can also search for groups that are related to your blog topic and share links to your posts on the group.

LinkedIn offers a quality audience and is a great way to increase your site traffic.

9) Email List

If you haven’t heard it yet, let me say that again ” Your email list is the most valuable asset of your online business”.

This is so so true. These are the people who love to consume your content and that is why they are on your email list.

It would be stupid not to notify them instantly when your new blog post gets published.

Sharing your blog post to your email subscribers will not only drive traffic to your post but it will also help you get those social shares and some money in your pocket if there are affiliate links in your post!

If you don’t have an existing email list, start building your email list today! I’ve written this detailed guide which will help you start your email list from scratch!

10) Quora

A great way to promote your blog on Quora is by answering questions. Search for questions that are related to your niche and provide expert answers.

Remember to be specific when providing answers on Quora. The more precise you are, the more knowledgeable you appear.

Include links to your relevant blog posts that answer the raised question or provide information similar to the question asked. This will direct anyone who comes across your answer to your blog.

This will not drive you a ton of traffic but it’s a great way to drive a few quality visits to your blog.

11) Reddit 

On Reddit, you can make use of the forum section in promoting your blog. Find topics that are related to your blog, engage followers and leave links to your blog posts.

Another way to drive traffic to your blog using Reddit is through subreddits. Subreddits are like Facebook groups.

Try to find subreddits that are relevant to your blog niche and subscribe to them. Go through the community rules, engage with the members and existing posts.

Once you have done this, you can begin sharing your blog links. If members of the community find your links valuable, they can upvote it, generating more traffic for your blog.

12) Keen

Keen is a brand new web application from google.

It allows people to share interests and ideas with each other.

You can create your own keen ( Known as board on Pinterest) and save the links to your articles.

Keen will then promote your articles to other people interested in the same topic as you’re.

While Keen is still pretty new in the market, it has great potential to drive a decent amount of traffic to your blog.

Here’s a great thing for us as content creators. As Keen is still in the early days there is little to no competition meaning high chances of establishing yourself as an authority and build your little community.

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13) Bloglovin’ 

Bloglovin’ is a wonderful free marketing tool. It helps your Bloglovin’ followers stay up to date by posting a preview of your latest posts on their feed.

Once you have completed your Bloglovin’ sign up, make use of clickable headlines and a well-designed title image to attract followers.

Get to know your feed, post regularly on your blog and your blog audience is sure to increase.

14) Blogarama 

Blogarama is the oldest blog directory you can submit your blog to for free.

After signing up and creating an account, you simply link your website to your Blogarama account.

As soon as you have done this, all your posts will automatically appear on the Blogorama website immediately they are published.

You can have your posts featured on the homepage if you upgrade your package, but the basic package is efficient enough to generate a decent amount of traffic to your blog.

15) Blog Post Vote Up

Blog Post Vote Up is a site where bloggers can link their blog posts and find other similar blogs to follow.

There is a daily limit of one post per day, so you don’t have to worry about constantly posting. You can upvote articles in niches related to your blog topic.

It is a very interactive site and you can curate your blog collections on the site.

Wrapping Up

As a blogger, the most difficult task is getting your work in front of a large but regular audience.

Promotion is even more essential than content creation. That’s why it’s important that you carefully go through the list and select the promoting tactics that will work for you.

Try not to be on all platforms at once so you can direct your focus and make the most out of the platforms you do choose to use.

Remember that promoting your blog is a continuous process. You cannot drive the desired traffic to your blog by promoting it just once.

Consistently promoting your blog not only brings a new audience but also ensures that the existing audience returns to your site.

Question : Which platforms do you use to promote your blog post? I’d love to know! Let me know in the comments section

That’s all from me!

If you find this post helpful, please share it with others.

Also, don’t forget to pin it for future reference.

Thank you for reading, Happy blogging!


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