Installing the right set of plugins can gradually improve your website’s functionality, aesthetics as well as efficiency.

That’s correct.

You might find yourself with thousands of plugin options right in front of you.

But the question is which ones should you install?

Which plugins will be the best fit for your WordPress website?

Don’t worry! That’s exactly what I am here to help you with.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the top 12 WordPress plugins that you should install on your website.

Well, then!

Let’s dive right into it.

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Top 12 WordPress Plugins You Must Install


Launched in the year 2016, Elementor is one of the easy-to-use and most effective WordPress plugins available in the market in today’s world. It’s one of the youngest page builders out there.

Not only has this plugin racked up nearly 4,000,000 active installs up until now, but it’s considered to be one of the most famous page builder plugins out there.

it’s a drag-and-drop WordPress page builder plugin. What this means is that:

  • You’ll be subject to a separate interface for working on your pages and posts. This means that you won’t have to carry out most of your work or tasks in the standard block editor anymore.
  • There’s no need for you to learn HTML/PHP/CSS or anything else. You’ll be able to perform all of it with the help of a user-friendly interface.
  • This plugin works on the website’s front end as well. This means is that you will be able to take a look at the outcome of your tasks in real-time.
  • You’ll be able to produce any page layout or content layout, irrespective of what your WordPress theme allows.
  • This page builder plugin works well with every WordPress theme out there. This means is that you won’t have to compromise your current design, in order to access everything that comes with the Elementor plugin.


  • Free to use. Most of the websites won’t require to upgrade to Pro
  • Wide range of features
  • Easily allows users to build custom page layouts as well as designs, which you won’t even be subject to with your current theme.
  • No coding skills required
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Detailed settings for margins, alignments, and padding values
  • Can easily adjust to different devices


  • In some cases, adding custom styling to the links won’t go as planned. Sometimes, you may find yourself stuck with the color settings or default typography.


It’s no secret that SEO is one of the foundations of a well-planned digital marketing strategy.

And if you want your WordPress blogs to achieve a higher ranking in the search engine results, an SEO plugin is something that you should look out for.

When it comes to a WordPress website, YoastSEO is one of the most popular and effective SEO plugins out there. There’s no other SEO plugin out there that I’d prefer over YoastSEO.

With this plugin, you can cover your website’s on-page and on-site SEO with ease.

You will be subject to a wide range of features in order to help you optimize your website.

It has built-in metadata & keyword management, content analysis, social features, XML sitemaps, and so much more.

This plugin is free for each and everyone out there. However, if you are looking for some additional functionalities, you need to buy YoastSEO Premium.


  • Accessible & User-Friendly SEO Tool
  • Helps Optimize Content For Search Engines
  • Enables Post Or Page Reviews On Search Engines
  • Enhances Readability Of The Content
  • Helps With Auto-Generated XML Sitemap
  • Easy To Customize Facebook & Twitter Post Sharing Snippets


  • For Advanced SEO Settings, you’ll need to buy YoastSEO Premium

3)Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL will automatically detect your website settings and configure it accordingly in order to operate over the HTTPS protocol.

It’s one of the incredibly popular WordPress plugins out there with nearly 4 million downloads.

Remeber, if your website doesn’t have SSL, it won’t get you SSL. it will only help you get all SSL issues fixed automatically and make sure that your website runs over https.

Here’s what the Really Simple SSL plugin will help you with:

  • Redirect Incoming Requests to HTTPS
  • Change Site URL & Home URL to HTTPS
  • Handles SSL issues


  • Easy to use & intuitive
  • You won’t be required to deal with managing redirects
  • Will help you activate an SSL certificate (You should have SSL certificate, they won’t get it for you)


  • None

4)WP Fastest Cache

Do you Want to improve your website’s performance?

Caching is the solution that you might be looking for.

It’s an ability to store specific assets of your website on devices such as Local PC, such that it’s easily accessible in the future.

It’s no secret that there might be tons of files as well as dynamic content on your website.

What WP Fastest Cache will help you with is that it will generate your website’s static HTML version and store it for future purposes.

The next time someone revisits your website, they will be served this static side, ultimately decreasing the loading time.

WP Fastest Cache is one of the most famous WordPress caching plugins which is particularly popular for its simplicity as well as ease of use. Alongside this, it’s absolutely free.

With nearly 1 million installs, it has turned out to be a crowd favourite. In order to access other additional features, you will be required to buy one of the packages:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold


  • SSL Support
  • CDN Support
  • Mod_Rewrite
  • Cache Timeout Feature
  • Cache Timeout For Certain Pages
  • Admin will be able to delete all the cached files from the options page


  • You need to buy one of the premium versions in order to access some incredible features such as Minify HTML Plus, Minify CSS Plus, Combine JS Plus, etc.

Bonus Plugin- WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the best caching plugin out there in the market.  The best thing about this plugin is that you don’t have to change any complex settings, it starts working straight out of the box.

WP Rocket also helps you boost your website speed through minification of CSS and Javascript and Lazy loading of images.

Hence, you don’t require an extra plugin to minify CSS or to enable lazy loading of images.

Unfortunately, they don’t have any free version available currently. However, the benefits justify the cost of the plugin.

Download WP Rocket

5)WP Smush

Slower website loading speed, as well as unoptimized images, can totally ruin the look and feel of your website. Plus, you will find the bounce rates to be incredibly high.

With WP Smush, you can easily resize, compress as well as optimize your website’s images in some time. This plugin is considered to be one of the most popular image compression plugins out there.

Once you install and activate the WP Smush plugin, you’ll have two options in order to smush the images:

  • Individual Image Optimization
  • Bulk Image Optimization

Go with either one of them, depending on your requirements.

Here’s a list of some other options that you’ll be subject to with this plugin:

  • Compress all the uploads automatically.
  • Set a maximum size for the images, such that the larger pictures will be resized automatically.
  • Enable smushing while uploading new images
  • Remove or retain EXIF data like focal length, camera settings, time as well as location details.


  • Smush unlimited images
  • Works great with Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Optimization takes place with server resources
  • Automatically optimize as well as reduce the size of the new images


  • The limit cap of bulk smush is 50 images
  • If you deleted the thumbnails previously, images won’t be optimized
  • The plugin works for image size lower than 1 MB


If you are worried about some hackers spreading malware or taking down your website, Sucuri is the best plugin for you.

It’s a security plugin that’ll help you protect your WordPress website from hacks or malware. It will create multiple layers for safeguarding your website from different security threats.

It has a cloud proxy firewall which will bypass all the traffic prior to sending it to the hosting server.

Alongside this, it will even contribute to improving your website’s speed as well as performance.


  • The core plugin is absolutely free
  • Saves all the data as well as patches the server
  • Instant and incredible support


  • Limited functions
  • High Pricing


Just imagine if you lose all of your hard work or content as a result of accidental coding fluke or faulty updates.

Wouldn’t it be frustrating?

And that’s what UpdraftPlus will help you with.

It’s the highest-rated backup plugin in the entire world. Hence, it’s time to say goodbye to your fear of losing all of your hard work.

All you need to do is to hit “Install” and all of your data will be backed into the cloud seamlessly.

Listed below are few of the features of UpdraftPlus plugin:

  • Ability to perform manual, complete, or scheduled backups
  • Back-Up To A Remote Location
  • Migrate & Clone Your WordPress Site Easily
  • Multisite compatibility
  • Manage the list of users who can access the backups
  • Scheduling
  • UpdraftVault Storage
  • High-security backup


  • Simple & Easy To Use Interface
  • Reasonably Priced Premium Plans
  • On-Demand & Scheduled Backups
  • Incredible Website Restoring Functionality
  • Wide Range Of Features


  • No Lifetime Updates

8)Pretty Links

This WordPress plugin will help you manage the affiliate links, social links as well as redirects to your WordPress website.

It’s an all-in-one WordPress links management tool. You will be able to create simple, clean URLs on the WordPress website from which you will be able to redirect to other URLs.

You can simply create redirect URLs for your existing website content or for other external links such as affiliate links. This tool is simple as well as easy to use. Plus, the interface is pretty clean.

Here’s a list of few of the features of this WordPress plugin:

  • Clean & Simple URLs on your WordPress website which will redirect to your existing website content or external URL.
  • Ability To Create Group, Automate & Automate Your Affiliate Link Strategy
  • Import & Export Links
  • Split Testing of the Links
  • Redirect depending on the visitor’s location


  • Simple & Easy To Use
  • Clean Interface
  • Ability to Track Unique Links
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Split Testing Of Links


  • None


Looking forward to reducing comment spam on the WordPress site?

Akismet’s here to save the day.

It’s one of the most popular comment spam protection tools out there. Spam comments have been considered to be an incredibly huge problem due to automated spambots.

Well-established websites usually face this problem. Enabling comment moderation on your WordPress website will save the day for you.

This plugin will catch the spam comments that are submitted to your WordPress website. These comments are reviewed and are stopped from appearing on your website. You can even control the number of approved comments on your website. Plus, the best part is that it’s free to download and the premium plans are quite affordable.


  • Easy to use
  • Manually approve the comments on your website
  • Free to download
  • Reasonably priced premium plans


  • Robust Mechanism

10)One Signal

One Signal is one of the most popular standalone push notification services, which you can integrate with WordPress with ease.

This plugin will allow you to send browser notifications to your website vistiors.

Here’s a list of the supported devices:

  • Chrome (Android & Desktop)
  • Firefox (Desktop)
  • Safari (Mac OS X)

Here’s what you will get with One Signal:

  • Automatic Notifications
  • Segmenting your visitors depending on various user attributes
  • Scheduling your notifications
  • A/B Testing the highest performing messages

It’s absolutely free to download. However, in order to access additional features, you need to buy one of the premium plans.


  • Works well for desktop users
  • Ability to target people based on their countries
  • Free to download
  • Works perfect for pushing notifications about important stories or breaking news


  • Difficult for people to know how to opt-out of the notifications, in case they change their mind in the future
  • Not easily configurable for iOS


Removing unnecessary characters from the source code can improve your website loading speed a lot. And that’s what Autoptimize helps you with. This plugin will minify specific assets of your website such as HTML, JavaScript & CSS files.

All you need to do is to install the plugin and checkmark the boxes. You’ll even be able to add scripts for the code that you do not want to be compressed.

This plugin will fix the render-blocking issues of the JS & CSS files. Plus, it even helps in optimizing the Google fonts.

If you’ve WP Rocket installed on your site, you don’t need this plugin as WP Rocket does this automatically.


  • Improves Website Loading Speed & Performance
  • Easy to use
  • Add scripts for the code that you do not want to be compressed
  • Optimize Google fonts as well
  • Inline CSS code


  • None


This plugin’s an all-in-one open-source eCommerce platform for the WordPress Webmasters.

With tons of features, customizations, as well as extensions, built into this plugin, will turn the entire selling experience really easy for you.

From a variety of themes to choose from to ability to sell digital, physical as well as affiliate products, you will find this plugin to be incredibly helpful during your E-Commerce journey. You will even have access to a wide range of conversion optimization tools.

In terms of usability, WooCommerce knocks it out of the park. There’s no other single plugin that can provide you with an incredible number of features at a budget-friendly price.


  • Advanced features for the larger online stores
  • Store administrator and customer accounts
  • Wide range of both free as well as paid themes to choose from


  • The setup process can be complicated for some people
  • Lack of support

And that’s how you turn your website into a user-friendly secure platform for you as well as your visitors.

So, what are you waiting for?

Install these plugins TODAY!

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