Yay! So finally you decided to start your own blog?

But are you still wondering what should you write about? which niche is best for blogging in 2021? or which are the most profitable blog niches?

Well, choosing a blog niche that makes money is indeed a demanding task. 

Especially when you’re choosing a niche for your first blog, there are so many questions swirling in your head? Right?

Well, don’t worry. In this blog post, I’ll share with you a huge list of blog niche ideas that you can choose from. Plus, I’ll also answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding choosing a blog niche.

Here’s what I’m going to cover in this blog post:

  • What is a blog niche?
  • 150+ blog niche ideas
  • What blog niches are most profitable?
  • Which are low competition blog niches?
  • How to choose a profitable blog niche?

Are you excited? Let’s dive in.

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What is a blog niche?

A blog niche is basically the topic your content revolves around. Apparently, it is the specific market that you are targeting.

Some examples of blog niches are personal finance, health & fitness and travel.

These are pretty broad niches that possibly have hundreds and hundreds of sub-topics.

That’s why narrowing down your blog niche is super important.

When you’ll target a specific group of people, the content will be very relevant and engagement rates will be high.

This may sound surprising, but it is very true. Because when you try to cover every topic under the sun, you might reach more people but engagement rates will be poor.

At the end of the day, I’d love to have 1000 people on my blog who’re interested in buying my products rather than having 10,000 people who just scrolls through my posts without purchasing anything!

Makes sense?

Here is an example of how broad and specific niches look like: 

Broad Niche: Personal Finance

More Specific Niche: Cryptocurrency

You see, with the Personal Finance blog niche, you can cover budgeting, insurance, and many other related topics. On the contrary, a Cryptocurrency blog will only be focused on the said topic.

Now, You might wonder what my blog niche should be?

What blog niches are most popular in 2021?

Well, you’re in for a treat because I’ve put together a complete list of 150+ best blog niche ideas to make money in 2021:

150+ Blog Niche Ideas

 1. Personal finance 

1) Insurance blog

You can write about how to find insurance, what to look for before opting for an insurance plan, insurance companies in your area, and much more. 

2) Paying off Debt

According to Statista, the average amount of debt held by consumers in the US was 26,621 U.S. dollars. You can write about tips and tools to pay off debt, creating a specialized budget for paying off debt, and other related topics. 

3) Frugal living

Frugal living is one of the most popular blog niches of 2021. Thousands of readers are looking for smarter ways to manage their money, and you can provide the answers.

4) Saving Money

Have you ever found yourself struggling with saving money? Well, guess what? There are thousands of people like you. You can give out tips to create a budget, build an emergency fund, and much more. 

5) Credit card blog

Managing credit cards is quite tricky. You can help people with tips on racking up credit card points, maximizing credit card rewards, or how-to articles for getting a new credit card. 

6) Budgeting

MakingSenseofCents, a renowned finance blog, bags $100k + per month. You can also try your luck by creating content on forming a plan to spend your money. 

7)  Retirement

Everyone wants to plan a comfortable life after retirement. There are tons of people searching for the best retirement plans and pension savings, and you can solve their problems. 

8) Banking

Although banking is a complex topic, you can easily attract a large audience if you are well-versed in such areas. From how-to articles to bank saving and top trends in banking, you can write about a wide range of topics. 

9) Student loans

Being a student is not as cheap as it was in the 1960s. You can give student loan advice, student loan news, and reviews. 

10)  Investment

Many people do not know how to invest their money in a profitable business. You can make your blog a profitable one by writing about investment in bitcoin, real estate, stock, etc.

11) Home-buying

If you are aware of the latest real estate trends and research, you can share your knowledge with the world through your blog. Your content can include what to look for when buying a home, renovations, houses available for sale in an area, etc. 

12)  Cryptocurrency blog

You can create a blog that answers all the questions regarding cryptocurrencies’ workings, how to buy them, mining, trading, and much more. 

2. Travel blog niche ideas 

13)  Adventure blog

Consider yourself an adventurous person? Someone who travels a lot, meets new people, and eats all sorts of food?

You can always set up an adventure blog to share your experiences. You can even write handy guides, news, and advice, for your readers planning to embark on a global adventure. 

14) Traveling on a budget

Not everyone is privileged enough to spend without worrying about their travel-budget. You can write about cheap flights, budget-friendly hotels, and tips on saving money during travelling.

15)  World Tours

Does “Around the World in 80 Days” ring a bell? Well, you can write on how to survive in different countries, share your own experiences, and tips & tools required for a world tour. 

16)  Traveling tips

Instead of going for a broader niche, you can specifically write about travelling tips only. How to pack your bag, getting through long flights, accommodation, language, and numerous other topics are available in this blog niche. 

17)  Travel itinerary

Anyone who is travelling to a new place needs a resource document. You can include popular destinations, means of transportation, and other such details in your travel itinerary blog. 

18)  City guides

If you have been living in the same city for quite some time, you know its popular and exotic locations. Share them with the world!  

19)  Travel while working full-time

Travelling with a full-time 9-5 job is not easy. You can teach people about smart vacations, weekend trips, and much more through your blog. Moreover, it is a great low competition blog niche. 

20)  Theme-based travel

Some people love to travel with a theme. You can help your readers pick a theme, plan their itinerary, or even suggest some personal favourite themes. 

21)  Group vacation trips

Ever travelled with a group? Share what you have learned about it, the pros & cons, and tips & tricks. 

22)  Family travel

Getting on a bus with kids and the elderly is very different from travelling with your mates. You can offer guides on vacationing with family, best destinations, and so much more. 

23)  Traveling by Bike/Car/RV/Ship

Ever travelled by bike? Or maybe an RV or a ship? If yes, you will agree that the journey itself becomes much more enjoyable. You can help your readers learn some hacks of travelling by Bike/Car/RV/Ship.  

3. Personal Development 

24)  Productivity tips

You can give procrastinators and lazy people an energy boost by suggesting some productivity tips. And believe me, there are thousands of people struggling with low productivity. 

25)  Time management

Time management is essential to keep up with this fast-paced world. You can blog about organizing tasks, strategic planning of the day, efficient multitasking, and much more. 

26)  Mindset

If you are a productivity-ninja who approaches every task with the right mindset, why not earn some extra buck by blogging about it? 

27)  Motivational blogs

Many people are seeking motivation to improve themselves. You can share quotes, videos, and articles to get your pumped up to do a task. 

28)  Spiritual blogs

Believe it or not, there are about 673,000,000 results about spirituality on Google. Spirituality, wholistic health, self-realization, and other such topics excite you, go for it! 

29)  Self-care blog

You can write on mental, physical, and emotional health. Furthermore, you can develop detailed guides and self-care ideas to bring in extra profits. 

30)  Self-Confidence

People are not confident in themselves. You can help people build confidence by producing content that your readers can relate to. 

31)  Mental health

Mental health should be as important as physical health. Taking care of one’s psychological well-being, inspiring stories, personal anecdotes, and other such topics can bring in a high-converting audience. 

32)  Personality development

Help your audience to have a happier life, worry less, and have a productive routine to meet their life goals. 

33)  Habits

Gather information on different positive habits, their impact on life, and how they can change life for the better. 

 4. Health & fitness 

34)  Diet

Keto diet, Paleo diet, Vegan diet, and countless other diets are available for you to write on. If you are a certified nutritionist, you can offer custom diet plans on your blog. 

35)  Muscle building

You do not need to be a gym-freak to start a muscle-building blog. You can share information on trending supplements, weightlifting, workout plans for your readers. 

36)  Yoga

Yoga helps people relax and meditate, which is why it is a very profitable blog niche. Yoga postures, product reviews, and spiritual wellness are some related topics you can write on. 

37)  Meditation

The 9-5 grind is hectic for all. You can help your readers relax, practice mindfulness, and promote happiness. 

38)  Weight loss

According to WHO, obesity has nearly tripled since 1975. So, if you write about weight loss workouts, diet plans, or share stories about weight loss, you can bring in massive traffic. 

39)  Sexual health

Teenagers are in dire need of sexual health education. You can cover relationships, sex, birth control, and other related topics. 

40)  Mindfulness

We are constantly bombarded with stress and anxiety throughout our day. You can share information on how to bring complete awareness, practicing mindfulness, and its benefits. 

41)  Nutrition & supplements

You can create a blog focused on nutrition and supplements to live healthily and have lots of energy. You can cover product reviews, essential nutrients for a healthy body, and much more. 

42)  Health problems and remedies

Although it is a broad niche, you can go for specific health problems and suggest remedies. A word of advice: Go for skincare problems as it is one of the most profitable blog niches out there.   

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150+ Profitable Blog Niche Ideas That Make Money

5. Mom blog niche ideas 

43)  Pregnancy

Couples expecting their first child have tons of questions regarding pregnancy. You can write a series of blog posts covering everything from the start to the end of pregnancy. 

44)  Breastfeeding

Not all women are well-aware of how breastfeeding works. You can cover breastfeeding tips, products, and storing breast milk. 

45)  Working mom

The challenges of a working mom are very different from a stay at home mother. You can solve or at least give solutions to their problems with helpful articles on your blog.  

46)  Postpartum tips

You can help mothers recover from different postpartum symptoms. Also, you can inform women about what to expect after giving birth. 

47)  Weight loss after pregnancy

Losing weight after pregnancy can be overwhelming. If you have experienced it yourself, or have any tips to shed the baby weight, enlighten your audience! 

48)  New mom tips

You can write helpful tips for new moms to take care of their baby, eating healthy food, and self-care. 

49)  Single mom advice

Raising a child alone can be stressful for a single mother. You can create blog posts to help single mothers enjoy & have fun with their kids. 

50)  Baby gears

Most of the people buy tons of unnecessary stuff for their baby. If you are a parent yourself, you can advise others on what to buy, review baby gear, or even sell your own. 

51)  Baby-food

Babies need a special diet for their proper growth. You can provide all the information on buying and creating healthy baby food that also tastes good. 

52)  Baby health

You can create a comprehensive online resource covering everything related to baby health. How to care for your baby when he/she is ill, how to identify symptoms, etc. are some topics you can write on. 

53)  Toddler routines

Toddlers need a solid daily schedule that caters to all their needs. You can cover daily schedules, tools & tricks to improve toddler’s routine, and much more. 

6. Hobby Blog

54)  Gardening

Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies of all time. You can produce tons of “how-to” and DIY blog posts for a high audience retention rate. Taking care of plants, watering schedule, cutting the grass – the list goes on!  

55)  Camping

Camping tips, locations, camping gear reviews, recipes, and so much more can be written on camping. Camping is one of the hottest blog niches of 2021.  

56)  Boating

More than 87 million U.S. adults love recreational boating. You can review boats and boating gear. Thousands of people also view boating tips and tricks. 

57)  Biking

Everyone loves to ride a bike. Many people are looking for bike reviews, maintenance tips, biking destinations, and so much more. 

58)  Hiking

Hiking is not a walk in the park—literally! Hiking blogs get tons of traffic because people love to get on an adventure every now and then. 

59)  Painting

You can cover painting gear reviews, showcase your own work, teach the basics of painting, how to become a better painter, which paintbrushes are better– the list goes on and on! 

60)  Crafting

Kids and adults love crafting alike. You can target them by writing about DIY projects, crafting guides, recycled crafts, budget-friendly crafts, and much more. 

61)  Makeup

Makeup tutorials, products, tips and hacks, makeup on a budget, and the list goes on. There are hundreds of makeup blogs and YouTube channels earning thousands by just reviewing makeup products a little heads up. 

62)  Fishing

Share your knowledge on fishing equipment, fishing skills, tips, and techniques, and earn some extra bucks off your blog. 

63)  Golf

Golf is not just about swinging the club. If you have some secret hacks to win a game, why not help others? 

64)  Drawing

Know how to draw a face? You are already an expert! If you have some drawing tips, you can teach a whole bunch of people on your blog. 

65)  Gaming blog

Believe me when I say there are thousands of people stuck at a challenging level in a particular game. You can cover walkthroughs, tutorials, tips and techniques, and hundreds of different topics. 

66)  Photography

If you have worked your way around with a DSLR, why not help other aspiring photographers? Photography gear reviews and how-to articles attract thousands of readers daily. 

67)  Gambling

Have some tricks to win poker? Or maybe know how to earn in blackjack and roulette? You can give out tips on becoming a successful gambler. 

68)  Language learning

Learning a new language is a whole new experience. You can teach your readers how to choose a language, offer tips for new learners, and help people improve their foreign language skills. 

69)  Martial Arts/Self-Defence

Know a thing about martial arts? Or maybe taekwondo or kung fu? Help others learn centuries-old fighting techniques. 

70)  Outdoor Games

Football, cricket, hockey, and numerous other outdoor game guides can make your blog blossom.  

7. DIY blogs

71)  Sewing and Crafting

Know how to sew? You can write about embroidery, quilting, hand sewing, machine sewing, how-to articles, and much more.  

72)  Home decoration

Newly-wed couples, renovators, and teens are always looking for new ideas to decorate their homes. You can write on how to choose the right colour scheme, decoration on budget, etc. 

73)  Homemade gifts

You can cover homemade candles, gift card holders, placemat clutch, and countless other how-to articles on your blog. 

74)  Custom recipes

Everyone has a set of secret recipes that makes everyone go WOW. You can share custom recipes on your blog. 

75)  Home improvement

From budget-friendly ideas to crazy luxurious improvement, you can write about everything related to home improvement. 

8. Make Money Online niche

76)  Blogging tips

Blogging about blogging tips—crazy, isn’t it? But these types of blogs earn thousands of dollars monthly. 

77)  Email list building

Email list building helps businesses grow, and tons of people are looking for tricks to build one. 

78)  Freelancing

Almost everyone has some hidden skills to sell online. You can write a series of articles covering everything related to freelancing.  

79)  Affiliate marketing

According to Hubspot, super-affiliates can earn up to $100,000 per month. You can write about deciding a platform, choosing a niche, best affiliate programs, etc. 

80)  Kindle Publishing

Writing a book and self-publishing it on Amazon can bring in megabucks. Step-by-step guide on publishing a Kindle book, finding the best category on Amazon, how to keep the sales going, etc. can bring in crazy traffic. 

81)  Website Flipping

Know something about reselling improved websites? Website flipping is a very profitable industry, and people love to read about it. 

82)  E-commerce store

With the advancement of technology, every local store is shifting to an online one. You can write articles on setting up a store on Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, etc. 

83)  Pinterest marketing

Pinterest drives more traffic compared to any of its competitors. You can teach people how to market their services, convert leads, and increase brand awareness. 

84)  SEO agency

Have sound knowledge of SEO? You can teach people how to rank their sites on Google, keyword-research, On-page SEO, and Off-page SEO. 

85)  Digital marketing agency

You can offer your digital marketing services on your blog. Along with that, you can create several articles to help your readers with their marketing needs. 

86)  Social media marketing

There are over 3.81 billion social media users. You can help your readers to increase their sales, build brands on social media, and drive website traffic. 

87)  Paid Advertising

Apart from writing helpful guides on paid advertising, you can offer ad space on your sites, resultantly helping people grow their businesses. 

88)  Work from home jobs

The 9-5 grind is slowly fading away. People are interested in work from home opportunities than ever. You can create a series of articles covering all the pros & cons, opportunities, and difficulties of working from home.  

9. Lifestyle blog niche ideas 

89)  Fashion blog

The latest fashion trends, new releases, upcoming fashion shows, etc. can bring in high profits. 

90)  Beauty blog

Everyone wants to dazzle with their looks, right? You can cover beauty products, cosmetics, how-to articles, and much more.  

91)  Relationship advice

How to surprise your girlfriend, how to make your relationship last, trusting your partner– the list goes on and on! 

92)  Dating Guide:

You can tell your readers about love, how to get along with your blind date, do’s and don’ts of a date night, how to impress your date, etc. 

93)  Marriage Advice

Help your readers with their marriage problems, give them tips on leading a successful marriage, conflict resolution, and much more. 

94)  Skincare blog

Skincare product reviews, how-to articles, skincare tips, products to use based on skin type, and much more can be written. 

95)  Parenting tips

Write about raising children, taking care of their mental health, understanding their needs, and positive discipline.  

96)  Divorce advice

You can address common post-divorce issues, propose solutions to have a peaceful post-divorce life, best attorneys for divorce, and countless other sub-topics can be covered under this blog niche. 

97)  Religious blogs

There are over 5.8 billion religiously affiliated people in the world. You can write about different beliefs, prayers, values, and manuscripts. 

10. Food blog niche ideas 

98)  Diet recipes

Many people read about the Mediterranean diet, South Beach diet, Raw Food diet, Keto diet, and many other popular diet recipes.  

99)  Meal planning

Share your knowledge of efficient meal planning, saving money in meals, preventing food wastage, healthy eating, etc. 

100)  Healthy eating

The importance of eating healthy is undeniable. You can suggest healthy foods, share healthy diets and schedules for health-conscious people. 

101)  Baking

Cakes, muffins, pancakes, croissants, food presentation, recipes, and a bunch of other topics can be covered in the baking blog niche. 

102) International foods

Tell your readers about the best local foods in different countries! 

103)  Vegan diet

You can share your knowledge of the types of vegan diets, the benefits, vegan recipes, and food. 

104)  Wine tasting

Wine tasting is an art. You can share tips on developing your palate, the correct use of smell, and how to identify the colour, viscosity, & opacity. 

105) Cooking for a large group of people

How to cook in large quantities, best recipes, balancing the spices, etc. are some great topics that can make your blog profitable. 

106)  Food shopping

Not everyone is good with food shopping. You can create content on what to buy, shopping for breakfast, lunch & dinner, healthy beverages, etc. 

107) Groceries

Share your tips on buying groceries, online grocery apps, grocery shopping in COVID-19, and much more. 

108) Healthy food on a budget

Healthy food is often expensive and hard to get. You can write a series of articles covering how to cook healthy food, best seasonal foods, budget-friendly nutritious diets, etc. 

109) Quick and easy recipes

Gather the best quick and easy recipes and share them with the world. You can try them yourself and share the experience on your blog. 

110) Coffee/Tea Blog

Caffeine addicts love to read about coffee and tea. You can share the best coffees, offer coffee/tea tips, etc. 

111) Keto Diet

Thousands of people are looking for a keto diet to reduce weight. You can write about the working, advantages, and risks of the keto diet. 

112)  Kitchen equipment

Review the best utensils (with affiliate links), share tips on using the right stuff, use mixers, slicers, etc. 

11. Pet blog 

113)  Dog breed

Dog breed blogs are very famous these days. You can write mini-guides, new categories of dog breeds, features of Bichon Frise dog, hybrid dogs, and other breeds. 

114)  Dog training

How to train your dog using games, house training, leash training, and much more. 

115)  Dog food

Healthy dog food, dog food brands, dog nutrition, etc. can bring thousands of dog lovers to your blog. 

116)  Dog training for working dogs

Training guides for sniffer dogs, detecting illegal drugs, explosives, currency, etc. Also, information on dog confidence building, aggression rehabilitation, etc. are great topics to cover on your blog. 

117) Dog health blog

You can write a series of articles covering dog health symptoms, common diseases, and cures. 

118) Snakes blog

Share snake photos, write about snake types, identifying snakes, snake bites, etc. 

119) Fish blog

You can cover numerous topics in the fish blog niche, from fish types to the best-tasting fish. 

120) Cat blog

Everyone loves cats. Cat owners are always looking out for new breeds, best cat food, cat health symptoms, etc. and you can write all about them. 

121)  Pet dressing

How to dress up pets, choosing the right pet apparel, pet clothing reviews, etc. can attract a broad audience. 

122)  Pet sitting

Thousands of pet owners/sitters search local professional pet sitters, how-to guides on pet sitting, feeding pets, and other related topics. 

123)  Tips for Pet Owner

Write about common pet issues, how to take care of pet’s physical health, pet training, exercise, and pet owners always welcome other such mini-guides. 

124) Pet allergy

Some people are allergic to pets. You can help your readers identify symptoms, suggest medications & anti-allergens, etc.

125)  Pet accessories

You can review the best pet accessories, create mini-guides on buying the right ones, sell your own products, etc. 

126)  Pet adoption

There are thousands of agencies offering pet adoptions. You can write about all the legalities, tips and tricks, and pet adoption pros & cons.   

12. Tech blog 

127)  Tech updates

With new gadgets being revealed every other day, more and more people are interested in reading about them. Cash in on this opportunity! 

128) Tech solutions

How to install windows 10, decluttering your smartphone, how to work with Adobe Photoshop, and thousands of other tech solutions can bring in crazy traffic. 

129) Tech review blogs

Even if someone cannot afford the latest iPhone, he/she wants to watch a review video to see it in action. 

130) Car blogs

You can share your experience with cars, new releases, reviews, auto-parts, and how-to articles for some extra profits. 

131) Android Apps

There are over 3.04 million apps on the Google Play Store alone. You can write reviews, best apps for a specific task, and much more. 

132) Software blog

Web development, app development, software development, you name it! A software blog can cover a wide range of topics, resultantly attracting more readers. 

133) IT blog

You can cover news and information on the latest trends in the IT world, produce mini-guides for IT professionals, review products– the list goes on and on! 

134)  Android news blogs

There are over 124.4 million Android users. You can attract them by writing about the latest Android features, apps, tips & tricks, latest patches, etc. 

135)  Best Gadgets blog

You can review the latest gadgets and later on join an affiliate program to earn even more. 

136) Tech comparison

A plethora of choices is available when it comes to buying a gadget. You can compare the pros and cons of several products on your blog to attract an audience. 

137)  Artificial intelligence news

AI is the new normal! From the latest AI trends to new robots and automated machinery, you can write about lots of stuff. One of the best blog niche ideas for 2021! 

138)  Automation blog

Automation is the next big thing. Share the latest news and information on the automation industries, how its improving production efficiencies, etc. 

13. Education blog

139) Education tips

How to plan your study sessions, smart learning, managing studies, and work, etc. will be great for your education blog. 

140)  Updates in education policies

It’s hard for students to keep themselves updated with the changes in education policies. You can create a blog to cater to their needs. 

141)  E-learning blogs

Coursera, Udemy, Teachable, etc. have thousands of courses to learn new skills. You can create an all-in-one online resource to cover the best online courses, new e-learning opportunities, and much more. 

142) Study Abroad blog

You can share news on scholarships offered by foreign universities, studying abroad requirements, visa requirements, and other related topics. 

143)  Career Counselling

You can become a career coach and help students choose their professional degrees. 

14. Entertainment blogs 

144) Movie reviews

Everyone will love to read about Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. You can also suggest the best movies of each genre and review them. Make sure you add a SPOILER ALERT on top of the review. 

145) Celebrity gossip

People are more interested in the lives of celebrities than their own. You can write about the latest celebrity news and gossips to attract more readers. 

146) TV shows reviews

Is FRIENDS a good show? Or if The Witcher lives up to its expectations? Well, you can review famous TV shows to hook your readers. 

147)  Comic Blog

You can write about the latest comic editions, comic reviews, and give your readers a platform to connect to keep them in the loop on everything comics-related. 

148) Music Blog

From Niki Minaj’s new song to Eminem’s diss track, you can write about pretty much everything in the music blog niche. You can even post free songs and mixtapes. 

149) Celebrity lifestyle

People are crazy about celebrity lifestyles. You can write about celebrities’ favourite products, daily life, and much more. 

150) Political news

Share your views on region politics, current news, political issues in the society, or maybe educate your readers about political systems. 

What blog niches are most profitable?

While you can make money from any blog niche, there are some blogs that tend to earn more money than others.

For example, a blog focused on working adults has the potential to earn more money than a blog focused on the millennial audience.

Here’s the list of some of the most profitable blog niches:

  • Tech-reviews
  • Personal growth
  • Digital marketing
  • Insurance
  • Freelancing
  • DIY 
  • Travel
  • Personal finance 
  • Pet 
  • Relationship advice
  • Keto diet
  • Weight loss 
  • Skincare

Less competition blog niches

Less competition blog niches are easier to rank on Google and also helps in attracting more people.

Here are some great less competition blog niches to earn profit from.

  • Automation
  • Car shipping
  • Art & crafts
  • Breed pets
  • Heavy equipment rental 
  • Security system reviews

How to choose a profitable blog niche?

I truly believe that almost every blog niche mentioned above can make you money, but some of them are more profitable than the rest.

Here are three key questions you should ask yourself while choosing a blog niche:

  1. Which topics do you love to talk about or have expertise in?
  2. Are people looking for information about the topic?
  3. How competitive is the blog niche?

As for the first question, if you are not curious about a particular topic, believe me, you won’t earn a single buck. Writing tons of articles revolving around the same idea requires sheer will and commitment. 

Second, coming up with a unique blog niche is great, but it’s no good if others are not searching for it. You can perform a quick search on “Google Trends” to see how popular that specific topic is.

And lastly, you need to see how competitive the blog niche is? Because you don’t want to write about the topics that you don’t have any chance of ranking for in Google.

Here’s how to determine how competitive is a particular blog niche?

Google search some of the topics that you want to write about and see who is ranking on the first page.

If there are huge sites or publications on the first page, chances are that the topic is highly competitive.

Perform this exercise for every potential blog niche that you’ve shortlisted and then choose the one which you stand the chance of ranking for.

You can also take any online “finding your blog niche quiz” to filter out niches of your interest.

What’s next?

You made it to the end!

So, what you are going to blog about?

Once you choose your blog niche, the next step is to get Webhosting and start a blog.

If you don’t know how to start and set up a WordPress blog, you can check out my detailed guide on how to start a blog. It’s a complete guide that will walk you through step by step with screenshots.

Once you set up your WordPress blog, it’s time to bring in some engaging content and start making some real money!

That’s all.

I hope these blog niche ideas will help you choose a profitable blog niche

So, what are you waiting for? Start your blogging journey today with these highly profitable blog niche ideas!

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