If you’re looking for a no-nonsense and brutally honest Stupid Simple SEO review, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s be honest. Stupid Simple SEO comes with a hefty price tag. And it’s frightening to invest that much money in a course when you’re not sure whether it will ever deliver the results that you desire.

If you’re wondering the same, then keep reading. In this in-depth Stupid Simple SEO review, I’ll talk about:

  • What is Stupid Simple SEO?
  • Who’s the mastermind behind Stupid Simple SEO?
  • Who Is Stupid Simple SEO for?
  • Who Is Stupid Simple SEO not for?
  • What you’ll learn in Stupid Simple SEO
  • My honest review of Stupid Simple SEO
  • What results can you expect after taking SSSEO?
  • How much does Stupid Simple SEO cost?
  • Is Stupid Simple SEO worth it?
  • Pros and Cons of Stupid Simple SEO.

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Stupid Simple SEO Review: A Quick Overview

Course summary

Stupid Simple SEO is a comprehensive course, full of SEO strategies, designed to help you rank in Google and drive free organic traffic.

It is a step by step framework that will help you find the low competition high volume keywords, create epic content, build high-quality backlinks and rank higher in Google.

Creator: Mike Pearson


  • In-depth lessons on keywords research, competitor analysis, link building, SEO content audit, and much more.
  • Mike makes SEO fun and easy with his amazing teaching style
  • Free access to templates, worksheets, outlines
  • No paid SEO tools are required
  • Dedicated Facebook group


  • High price
  • It is an all-video course.


$497 or four payments of $147 a month. Check the latest price here.

My overall verdict: 4.5/5

Stupid Simple SEO is an absolute gem. If you are looking for a way to diversify your traffic and increase your income, Stupid Simple SEO is your best bet.

What is Stupid Simple SEO?

Stupid Simple SEO is a step-by-step training course that helps bloggers and website owners improve their Google rankings to get more organic traffic.

This value-packed all-video course has over 81+ lessons stretched on 11+ hours of videos. It covers everything from keyword research to link building.

The course has proven beneficial for over 2000+ bloggers, including big names like Carly from mommyonpurpose and Michelle from makingsenseofcents.

There are tons of over-hyped SEO courses that promise exponential growth but deliver nothing, but not this one.

Who’s the creator of Stupid Simple SEO?

Mike Pearson is the genius behind Stupid Simple SEO. He’s a renowned SEO expert and a six-figure blogger. Over the years, He has helped numerous bloggers scale their google traffic and make money online.

Here’re some more interesting facts about mike:

  • According to himself, he earns $15,000+ per month with just SEO while maintaining a full-time corporate job.
  • He has also helped over 7,000 bloggers through his free SEO Starter Pack in addition to his paid course.
  • Mike recently started a website(CreditTakeoff) for the case study and implemented his SEO tactics while regularly sharing his income reports. Believe it or not, this site is now earning $15000/month after just 18 months.

My Results after taking Stupid Simple SEO

Before we dive deep in this review, let me first tell you how this course has helped me and what results I’ve been able to achieve after taking Stupid Simple SEO.

After taking Stupid Simple SEO (August 2020), I’ve written 3 posts so far and one of them is already ranking on page 1 of Google search results.

That’s crazy! right?

Because before taking this course, I wrote 24 blog posts and none of them was nowhere near page 1.

Not only that, I now have more than 50+ blog post ideas that I can rank for. This one thing itself worth the price of the entire course.

I’m really excited about what lies ahead. Anyways, lets get back to the main point.

Who Is Stupid Simple SEO for?

If you’d ask me I’d say anyone and everyone, whose target audience is searching for information on Google, should get this course. It’s that good!

To be more precise, if you’re any of the following, Stupid Simple SEO is the right course for you!

Beginner bloggers

If you’ve already set up a blog and want to create content that ranks in Google, you should definitely enroll in this course.

I wish I’d have bought this course much earlier than I did.

This course will help you optimize your website for SEO, find keywords that you can rank for, create stellar content and build high-quality backlinks.

Pinterest Bloggers

Bloggers who mainly rely on Pinterest for traffic understand how difficult it is to keep up with Pinterest’s ever-changing policies and algorithms. Moreover, pinning is a demanding job itself.

So, if someone wants to add Google and other search engines in their traffic sources, there is no better course than Stupid Simple SEO.

Bloggers who want free Google traffic on autopilot

Many bloggers rely heavily on social media traffic. The problem with such traffic is that once you slow down or stop producing new content, your traffic goes down.

On the other hand, if you write SEO optimized article that ranks on Google, you can get free traffic on autopilot.

If you’re one of such content machines and want to get off the treadmill, Stupid Simple SEO is for you.

Anyone who wants to sharpen their SEO skills

If you already have an SEO strategy in place but you want to get better at it and take it to the next level, you’d be better off enrolling in the course.

Who Is Stupid Simple SEO not for?

This course is indeed a treasure trove of epic content, but it might not be valuable for everyone. I won’t recommend this course to the following people:


If you just consider blogging a hobby, don’t buy this course. It is mainly designed for passionate bloggers who want to make a living out of their blog.

Also, the course demands a huge investment of both, time and money and if you’re not willing to put in the work then this course is not for you.

If the price is too high for you

Don’t go broke over this course!

$497 is a hefty amount, and not everyone can afford such an expensive course.

So, if the price is too high for you, I’d recommend that you work on your Pinterest strategy and leave SEO for later.

What’s included in Stupid Simple SEO? (Course Outline)

Stupid Simple SEO is a complete value-packed program that covers everything related to On-page and Off-page SEO. The lessons are spread over 11+ hours of video content.

The course starts from the basics of SEO to advanced link building techniques–hence providing a solid framework to improve your site’s SEO.

The course is divided into five main modules. I will briefly discuss each one of them here:

Welcome & Getting Started

Overview of what is included in the course and how to get the most out of it.

Phase 1: Build

Learn How to improve site speed, How to make navigation Google-friendly + how to create silo pages.

Phase 2: Design

Learn how to find low-competition keywords, keyword research for existing content, competitor analysis

Phase 3: Create

Learn how to create EPIC content, how to research and create an outline, how to optimize blog for E-A-T

Phase 4: Promote

Learn How to build high-quality backlinks + blogger outreach

Welcome & Getting started

In this first module, Mike introduces you to the course and outlines exactly what will be included. I consider this the most important one as it helps in setting up realistic expectations from the course.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this module.

  •  Start How To Go Through This Course (4:34)
  •  Start Searching The Course Materials
  •   The Scale With SEO Framework (3:29)
  •  Start How Long Does It Take To Rank? (11:10)
  •   Your 7-Day Ahrefs Trials (Lessons To Complete) (6:30)
  •  Start How To Track Your SEO Progress (7:39)
  •   Private Facebook Group
  •   Trello Course Roadmap
  •  Start How To Become An Affiliate

Phase 1: Build

Once you’re all set to embark on the SEO journey, Mike shifts toward the building phase. In this module, he explains how to optimize your webpages for speed, structuring your site to be more Google-friendly, choosing the right category, and much more.

When I started blogging, I had no clue that even site speed, homepage design, and Google-friendly navigation played a role in SEO. (Thanks, Mike!)

Here’s what you’ll learn in this module.

  •   1.1. How to Make Your Blog Secure (SSL) (2:48)
  •   1.2. How to Make Your Blog Mobile-Friendly (4:03)
  •   1.3. An Introduction to Site Speed (5:57)
  •   1.4. Tips for Improving Your Site Speed (9:44)
  •   2.1. An Introduction To Relevance (13:10)
  •   2.2. How To Rank Even If Your Site Is Very Broad (9:39)
  •   2.3. How To Make Your Navigation Google-Friendly (12:48)
  •   2.4. Re-Imagining Your Category Pages (13:34)
  •   2.5. How To Set Up Custom Category (Silo) Pages In WordPress (6:41)
  •  2.6. How To Create An Optimal Homepage Design (8:17)

Phase 2: Design

This module houses everything related to keyword research and competitor analysis. Mike explains all the technical stuff in a very straightforward manner.

Here’s what is included in this module:

  •   3.1. Your Ahrefs 7-Day Trials (Lessons to Complete)
  •   3.2. What Makes A Good Keyword? (11:47)
  •   3.3. Why Competitor Research Beats Traditional Keyword Research (6:00)
  •   3.4. Brainstorming Your Initial Competitors (16:06)
  •   3.5. How to Find Your Competitors With Ahrefs (11:01)
  •   3.6. Filtering Out High-DR Sites (Batch Analysis) (9:19)
  •   3.7. Finalizing Your List of Competitors (6:00)
  •   3.8. How To Find Your Competitors’ Top Pages & Keywords (8:53)
  •   [Merge CSV Tool]
  •   3.9. How To Merge Your Keyword Spreadsheets (5:29)
  •   3.10. How To Organize & Sort Your Spreadsheets (10:41)
  •   3.11. How To Analyze Keyword Data & Develop A Content Strategy (10:53)
  •  3.12. How To Determine Keyword Competitiveness (11:31)
  •   3.13. How To Use Ahrefs Content Explorer For More Content Ideas (8:08)
  •   3.14. How To Do Keyword Research For Existing Content (10:10)
  •  4.1. Google Search Console: How To Boost Page 1 Rankings (11:29)
  •  4.2. How To Find New Keyword Ideas Using GSC (9:49)
  •  4.3. How To Identify Pages Losing Traffic (4:50)
  •  4.4. How To Identify Internal Linking Opportunities (6:41)

Phase 3: Create

In this module, Mike teaches how to research & outline the content and set up your On-page SEO. He also goes over how to set up an about me page and how to optimize your blog for E-A-T.

Here’s what you will learn in this module:

  •   5.1. Satisfying User Intent (12:03)
  •  5.2. Understanding User Satisfaction (3:23)
  •  5.3. Pop-Ups, Aggressive Ads, And Bad User Experience (8:36)
  •   5.4. Your Goal: Creating EPIC Content (5:22)
  •   5.5. How To Research And Outline Your Content (10:12)
  •   5.6. How To Find Long Tail & Related Keywords (4:37)
  •   5.7. How To Create Epic Content That Ranks (8:03)
  •   5.8. How To Set Up Your On-Page SEO (14:01)
  •  5.9. How To Use The Yoast SEO Plugin (7:05)
  •  5.10. An Introduction To Content Audits (5:36)
  •  5.11. How To Do An SEO Content Audit (10:45)
  •  6.1. The Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines (3:23)
  •  6.2. Content Quality & The QRGs (4:50)
  •  6.3. E-A-T and YMYL Pages (17:21)
  •  6.4. Why Your “About” Page Matters (6:11)
  •  6.5. How To Optimize Your Blog For E-A-T (3:36)

Phase 4: Promote

The last module covers all the tactics and techniques of link building. SEO without proper backlinking is a hapless effort.

More high-quality backlinks increase your chance of ranking higher in Google results.

Here is what you’ll learn in this module.

  •   7.1. What Are Links & Why Are They So Important? (3:23)
  •   7.2. The 5 Characteristics Of A Great Link (6:59)
  •   7.3. Link Building Expectations (3:30)
  •   7.4. Getting Into The Outreach Mindset (2:19)
  •   7.5. Links You Don’t Want Any Part Of (3:47)
  •   8.1. Understanding Your Competitors’ Backlinks (4:29)
  •   8.2. How To Spy On Your Competitors’ Backlinks (4:12)
  •   8.3. How To Merge Your Backlink Spreadsheets
  •   8.4. How To Organize & Analyze Backlink Data (12:36)
  •   9.1. An Introduction To Guest Posting (3:48)
  •   9.2. Getting Organized For Your First Guest Post Campaign (2:51)
  •  9.3. How To Find Guest Posting Opportunities (7:45)
  •  9.4. Sending Your Guest Post Pitches (11:02)
  •  9.5. Handling Replies & Writing Your Guest Post (7:19)
  •   10.1. An Introduction To Blogger Outreach & Linkable Assets (3:59)
  •   10.2. Three Types Of Linkable Assets: Infographics Guides, & Surveys (5:15)
  •   10.3. How To Brainstorm Ideas For Your Linkable Asset (4:01)
  •   10.4. How To Create Your Linkable Asset (7:45)
  •   10.5. How To Outreach To Bloggers With Linkable Assets (10:11)
  •   11.1. An Introduction To Help A Reporter Out (7:16)
  •   11.2. Getting Set Up With HARO (4:33)
  •   11.3. How To Respond To HARO Requests (10:41)
  •   12.1. To The GuestoRoundup Technique (2:58)
  •   12.2. Using Google Sheets To Get Organized (1:43)
  •   12.3. Expert Roundup Overview & Choosing Your Question(s) (5:48)
  •   12.4. How To Find Bloggers To Participate In Your Roundup (9:37)
  •   12.5. How To Execute The Expert Roundup & Land Your Guest Posts (8:25)


Apart from these modules, Mike has also set up some additional bonus modules covering affiliate marketing, Mediavine Ads, scaling with sponsored posts, budget-friendly SEO tools, templates, checklists, and SEMRush.

Note: There are some extra bonuses for early action takers, so make sure you sign up within the given time frame (provided at the end of the free SEO masterclass).

[Bonus]: Scale With Sponsored Posts

  •  Start Scale With Sponsored Posts (15:46)

[Bonus]: SEO Tools On A Budget

  •  An Introduction to Keysearch (2:38)
  •  How to Find Your Competitors With Keysearch (14:58)
  •  How to Find Your Competitors’ Top Pages (6:26)
  •  How To Use the Competitor Gap Feature (3:53)
  •  How To Get Guest Post Links With Opportunity Finder (3:56)
  •  How To Use Rank Tracker To Track Your Rankings (4:38)

[Bonus]: Niche Site Explosion

  •  Niche Selection (16:20)
  •  Setting Up The Site (20:03)
  •  Monetization & Traffic Strategies (8:23)
  •  Start Mapping Out a Content Strategy (11:02)
  •  Hiring Freelance Writers (18:28)
  •  Start Managing Freelance Writers (5:22)

[Bonus]: Scaling Content Creation

  •  Start How to Use a VA & Freelance Writer to Help Grow Your SEO (24:07)

[Bonus]: Blog Analytics Dashboard

  •   The Blog Analytics Dashboard (1:09)
  •  Start How To Set Up The Blog Analytics Dashboard
  •  Start How To Use The Blog Analytics Dashboard (21:20)

My Honest Opinion About Stupid Simple SEO (Things I liked + Things I didn’t like)

Till now, I’ve taken 14 blogging courses and spent a total of $3951 to learn from the best. But this without a doubt is the best course I’ve ever taken.

Let me breakdown what I liked and didn’t like about this course.

Things I Liked about Stupid Simple SEO

  • Teaching style: Mike is an absolute genius when it comes to explaining stuff. The way he breaks down complicated SEO stuff into digestible chunks is impressive.
  • In-depth lessons: Even if you don’t know anything about SEO, this course will provide a solid ground for your SEO-empire. From niche-specific keyword research to backlinks, Mike covers everything in style.
  • Regular Updates: Mike is very passionate about this course. Typically, a course like this becomes outdated, as Google updates its SEO algorithm regularly. But, Mike keeps the content fresh and loves to add more lessons.
  • Amazing Facebook Group: The private Facebook group is very helpful and supportive. Mike remains very active in it. There’s also a full-time coach who provides answers to almost every question asked in the group.

Things I didn’t like about Stupid Simple SEO

I loved this course and have benefited from it a lot. I have found no obvious flaw neither in the course outline nor how Mike teaches stuff.

But still, here are some caveats you should consider:

  • Video-based content: The lessons are entirely video-based. It is not a drawback, but I had to say it out loud for people who struggle to make notes out of a video.
  • The price is too high. $497 will probably make anyone flinch.
  • Requires a lot of time+ effort: If you are looking for an instant solution to low traffic, Stupid Simple SEO is not for you. SEO is time-consuming and takes lots of hard work as well.

How much does Stupid Simple SEO cost?

Stupid Simple SEO costs $497 with the option of paying $147 monthly over four months.

Yikes! That is quite some money for someone who’s just starting out.

But trust me, Stupid Simple SEO is worth every single penny. And guess what? It pays itself back several times!

You can check out the testimonials section on Mike’s website, and see yourself. There are numerous success stories on how the course helped real bloggers scale their organic traffic and make more money.

If you’re still confused about whether you should buy or not, you can sign up for the free 5-day SEO email class to get a taste of Mike’s teaching style.

What results can you expect from Stupid Simple SEO?

If you pay attention and implement the strategies shared by Mike, you can expect to see an increase in your page views, domain authority, and conversion rate.

After taking the course, you will have a sound knowledge of SEO and a good content strategy to skyrocket your income and organic traffic.

Categorically speaking, you can expect the following results after completing the course:

Better keyword research + Tons of Blog post ideas

Keyword research is a crucial part of Search Engine Optimization. Moreover, keyword research for search engines is challenging compared to Pinterest and social media sites.

After taking the course, you will be able to identify easy-to-rank keywords for your niche. Mike will also teach you how to do competitor analysis for a keyword and what keywords you should target for a higher chance to rank on Google.

Increased organic traffic

If you’ll follow the steps mentioned in the course, you will be able to write epic content that ranks on Google and drive free organic traffic.

Mike himself has shared tons of success stories on his site, where many bloggers have indicated a 100-200% increase in their traffic.

Bigger paycheck

You heard it right.

The course is quite expensive and hard to afford. But it’ll pay back itself soon.

After taking the course, you’ll see a rise in the number of visitors to your site which will ultimately affect your sales numbers. Not to mention the increased ad revenue.

More targeted traffic = More sales = More $$$

Is Stupid Simple SEO worth it?

Without a shadow of a doubt!

If you’re looking for a way to scale your blog’s income by diversifying traffic and outranking competitors on Google, Stupid Simple SEO is hands down the best course.

Kelan and Brittany (The Savvy Couple) saw their organic traffic increase 1153% in only seven months after purchasing Stupid Simple SEO. They had only 4,544 visitors in June 2018, and by the end of January 2019, the numbers went up to a whopping 57,379.

(Source: https://stupidsimpleseo.co/seo-strategy/)

That’s a 12x increase in Google traffic! Insane, right?

In my opinion, the keyword research module itself worth the price of this course!

How to do competitor analysis, gain authority, keyword research, site optimization, tools to use for SEO–and the list goes on and on.

Moreover, Mike keeps on updating the course with the ever-changing Google algorithm. You will have lifetime access to all the content and can interact with Mike in the dedicated Facebook group.

What’s not to love?

When does Stupid Simple SEO open?

Stupid Simple SEO is now open all year round so you can enroll in the course anytime you want.

Final Verdict: Stupid Simple SEO Review

Do I Recommend Stupid Simple SEO?


Stupid Simple SEO is an essential course if you want to grow your blog, attract a larger audience, and ultimately earn more from affiliate commissions and sponsored ads.

It gives you all the necessary tools to come up with an SEO-friendly content strategy and rank higher on Google.

As I mentioned earlier, SEO takes time to show results. Invest in your blog today by opting for Stupid Simple SEO and watch your income and traffic go through the roof.

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